Therapeutic Approach

My Approach

So often we feel like we are falling out of balance in our lives. This lack of balance can come from any aspect of our life (the past, the future, our inner world, our vices, our relationships with others, our work) and it can heavily impact how we feel about our lives. Your goals may seem out of reach, stress might be weighing on your shoulders, or you may not know what needs you are looking to fulfill yet. Whatever the case may be, I will do my best to help you overcome struggles, offer meaningful guidance, and be a strong source of support as we work through the therapeutic process together.

It is unlikely that I will always have “the answers”, but our work together will hopefully allow us to see the answers that you already have hidden somewhere within you. Our true goals will typically be for you to gain insight, self-awareness, and to improve your ability to recognize what your needs and desires may be at any given moment. Once these goals have been achieved, things will become clearer, and it will likely become easier to navigate the chaos or unhappiness that we often find ourselves in. All I ask is that you trust the therapeutic process and make your therapy a priority, and I will make sure to do the same.

I know the initial steps leading up to counseling can be intimidating. Deciding one may want to start counseling, finding a new therapist, and scheduling that first appointment are all quite daunting tasks. But since you've already made it this far, I would encourage you to reach out when you're ready so that I can offer you the help you may want or need.

Therapeutic Strategies

Identification of important authentic values
Rewriting the trauma narrative
Reframing negative and harmful beliefs
Gathering helpful outside resources
Increase insight and self-awareness
Shift unhelpful behaviors toward more helpful behaviors
Increase drive for change
Improve the ability to accept what cannot be changed

Do these approaches and strategies resonate with you?
If so, let's work together to find your balance.